How to start a Blog and make money using WordPress

How to start a Blog and make money using WordPress

Yes I know that I already have a post on How to start a Blog and make money using WordPress but I wanted to go into it in more detail in this post. My previous post goes into what to do before you buy hosting and then who to buy hosting off obviously my choice is Siteground.

I talk about the experiences I have had with Siteground and why I think they are a good hosting company.

If you are interested in reading more about using Siteground and what to do before you even get to buying hosting then read this post.

(If this post contains affiliate links please see our full disclosure policy although I have to say I tried really hard to make it interesting and even I struggled to write it so if you really must read it you can find it here)

Ok, if you read my post then you know some of the things you need to get started with before you buy your hosting and domain name.

How to start a Blog and make money using WordPress

So I will assume you have managed to get to this point now what?

Firstly when you buy your hosting you have the option of either going with hosting company for a domain name or buying your domain name seperately. My advice would be to find out what is going to be cheaper of the long run. If you buy your domain name with your hosting company or separately some times you can get good deals for a longer term.

I have my domain for three years and it cost me around $40.

Pick your domain name

Well firstly make sure you pick a name you can live with!

Make it short and make it easy to spell most importantly because if you don’t people will potential misspell your website address and not find you.

If you go to Siteground.

You can check if your chosen name is available by plugging into their domain checker.

If it’s available then you can buy it along with hosting from Siteground if thats the way you want to go search around

for instance Namecheap would be $7.98 per year for or Godaddy is $0.99 but renewal is $14.99 around the same price the longer you can buy the domain for the cheaper it will be in the long run.

Hosting is avaible from $3.95 per month along with domain purchase which will be a similar price it all depends on the name you choose

Before you even get to this stage have a look at my post how to start a blog on Siteground below there are plenty of things you can do before you shell out money for hosting and domains to prepare the ground work.

Also if you can wait till there is deals say on black friday then you can get it when it’s on special offer too saving you even more money.

Try and consider something which will not restrict you in the future.

To give you an example from the home decor niche.

Would be better than

If you go with the second one you will be restricted to writing about just country house decor. But if you go with the first one allthingshomedecor you can write about any kind of home decor stuff.

Pick your Hosting plan and set up WordPress

Now that you have picked your domain it’s time to pick your plan on Siteground.

Don’t forget the reason you need to have hosting is you want your own website not to be on

If you want to self host it will not be free unfortunately.

I go into how to set up your hosting with Siteground in my post below.

It goes into why to use Siteground and what to do before you even start buying hosting check it out to make sure you are doing these steps.

Alrighty so you have now added your WordPress from the cpanel to set it up on your domain now what?

If you are still not sure what to do then contact the team at Siteground they will be able to help you set up in no time especially if you need to transfer from an existing web hosting company  they can help you out with this too.

You will be presented with a log in page like this:

Please, Please please whatever you do – DO NOT use the following as your username:

  • Your email listed on your contact page
  • Your name
  • I wouldn’t even use my private email to be honest

Pick a username that:

  1. You will remember and
  2. Wil not be easy to guess

Ultimately why make it easy for Hackers to gain access to your webstie!

Make sure you also have a security plugin once you get started as well!

For instance I use Sucuri check them out if you want to find out more they are free to add to your wordpress site.

Ok so you will be confronted by your dashboard like this:

Don’t be alarmed!

You can do this!

Mine will not look exactly like yours at this stage as I have my plugins already set up and you can see how to do it in one of my next posts.

Once you get the hang of things it wil be so much easier believe me don’t worry.

So next we need to talk about what your website will look like.

You will have a default theme on there with things like

Hello world on the front page just click on your website name at the top left of the dashboard to visit your website to see.

Ok so next up is picking your Themes- FREE VS PAID what should you do?

If you want to see more about themes then check out my next posts.

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How to start a Blog and make money using WordPress
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How to start a Blog and make money using WordPress

How to start a Blog and make money using WordPress

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