How to Create the Perfect About Me page for your blog with Examples

How to Create the Perfect about me page for your blog with examples

What should you put into your about page? This post will go into how to create the perfect about me page and it has examples to help you out.

Ok so I figured it was time to rejig my about page – it was one of the first pages I wrote as well as the privacy and disclosure page- yes I figure they are both BORING!!

BUT you have to have them!

how to write the perfect about me page


How to write an awesome about me page
How to write an awesome about me page
How to write an awesome about me page
How to write an awesome about me page

Ok, What do you need on How to create the perfect about me page:

  • It’s you on a plate! – but it’s not about YOU it’s about your audience
  • Include some pictures or video- you need to be human!
  • Talk about what you can do for your audience
  • Add you WHY
  • What are you good at go ahead and brag
  • Introduction include your full name
  • It’s not your autobiography
  • Explain your mission
  • What can you offer them
  • Have a call to action too

(If this post contains affiliate links please see our full disclosure policy although I have to say I tried really hard to make it interesting and even I struggled to write it so if you really must read it you can find it here)

how to write the perfect about me page

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Ok so you are fired up to get started and you find you are staring at a blank page!

Argghh that was me I just couldn’t encapsulate my mission statement – why I was here in a few sentences.

Ok, what should you do?

Try – write about what you think you want to be here to do for people reading your blog it doesn’t have to be fancy

Chuck in a bit of personality too!

And don’t forget you can always rewrite it when you feel that you have a better handle on what your blog is about.

This is exactly what I am doing just now!

I feel more confident about what I am trying to do to help YOU.

And the posts I have written have helped me clarify my direction

how to write the perfect about me page

So here is what I have decided to add to my MISSION statement:

  • It’s about me
  • Also about what I can do for you!
  • It gives you background about me too but not too much
  • There is a wee bit of bragging – about my day job too

Hi, Guys, it’s me here Lia Castelvecchi- Scottish Italian in case you are wondering and no I am no relation to Paolo Nutini – well maybe distantly something to do with Nonno’s ( Grandpa ) sister but that’s another story!

Why am I here?

  • I love reading blogs about blogging and have done for years. Yep, it was time to get off my butt and start one of my own about how to start blogging – like a follow along with anything I do you can do too!
  • Crafts – I love crafty things I have always played around with wool in some form or other and if you are looking for projects and inspiration then I introduce you to lots of different things you can try from crocheted flowers DIY crafts, knitting almost anything but maybe not woodwork!
  • Health and Money tips- because I am a pharmacist and because I struggle with budgeting I will from time to time include GREAT tips to answer those burning HEALTH questions or Money issues.

Who says you have to be NICHE!!!


You really need to show them what you can do for them so you would want to include what you have already done for instance:

Blogging Stuff

  • It’s not impossible to make money and don’t be afraid to have that as your goal
  • Where should you start? – Looking to get started on Social media then I have some great posts to help you out for instance
  • Thinking about taking courses?- check out my series on free and paid course to help you storm ahead with your blogging

Plus you can sign up for my list of 40 free courses

Craft stuff

  • Looking to upcycle
  • Looking for crochet projects and inspiration

Then check out my posts on top crochet flower patterns- talk about inspiration!

If you are wanting to see my About page then you can click the link here. ‎

What can you offer your TRIBE?

So you want to include information about what you can offer to your blog readers – why should they read your blog over someone else’s?

For me:

I want you to read my blog and feel like you could start your own blog because I have shown you how I have started and yes I am no big blogger earner. I am also a little guy too!

You are joining me for the ride too!

I can provide you with lots of inspiration for crafty projects just name your poison I have probably tried some kind of crafty endeavor or money saving or making scheme! I have tried it so you don’t have to try and fail! I give you the tools to succeed!

If you are looking for a great web host provider then I use and recommend SITEGROUND and if you want more information on the type of resources to use then I have a page on my blog dedicated to the resources that I use check it out

how to write the perfect about me page


You should have a call to action as well!

This could be a freebie from your site, a course or a relevant affiliate offer.

So this is what mine offers

Starting a blog then I have a post for that TOO in the pipeline check back next week!

Its never too late to start one and BLOGGING is not Dead despite what some people may say!

There you go how to write the BEST about page!

Don’t forget you don’t need to do this straight away you can do this further down your journey when you have a clearer idea of what you are wanting to say and do!

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How to create the perfect about me page:

how to write the perfect about me page


how to write the perfect about me page
how to write the perfect about me page
how to write the perfect about me page

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  • Sammi Wyett

    Thank you for your help. I am in the midst of starting my blog. Your post was just what I needed to get inspiration.

  • Hey Lia, great post. I was looking for ideas to revamp about page on my work at home blog and this is what I needed. You have listed all the important factors – I will go through it one by one and ensure everything is covered

    I also think that having a photo and knowing the person behind the blog helps establish a connection with the readers.

    Great post!

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