Beginners Board Booster Tutorial: Pinterest Scheduler that will Explode Your Blog Traffic

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Are you considering using a Pin scheduler? Thinking about Board booster?

If you want to know how to use it and get a feel for it then this post will give you a beginners guide tutorial to using this scheduler to increase your blog traffic without having to manually pin.

If you are still undecided check out my post on differences between Board Booster and Tailwind.

Board booster beginners tutorial to explode your blog traffic

(If this post contains affiliate links please see our full disclosure policy although I have to say I tried really hard to make it interesting and even I struggled to write it so if you really must read it you can find it here)

Ok so you have decided that you want to find out more about Board booster.

Check out a free trial with Board booster.

If you want a quick start guide then please subscribe to my email list to get a copy of my Board Booster Checklist.


First things first Board booster is more of a hands-off scheduler when you compare it to Tailwind.

You can also try for free if you are still interested in Tailwind  I do use it as well!

You can just about set it and forget it.

If you think you want to try something hands off and you don’t want to get down and dirty then this is your best bet!

One thing to note is that Board booster is not advised by Pinterest so Pinterest can up and close Board Boosters access to Pinterest any time it likes!

I think it’s unlikely though as Board booster is now very ingrained and a lot of folks use it so it would create a huge backlash if they did do that!

Ok so let’s dive into Board Booster, We are going to talk about the stuff below:

  • Setting up your account
  • Setting up rich pins
  • Setting up your boards
  • Adding group boards
  • Scheduling
  • Adding pins to your boards – manually or using board booster
  • Looping
  • Reports- top group boards
  • Stats


Setting up your account

If you have opened your account or previously had an account with Pinterest make sure you switch it to a business account.

It’s very easy to do and you can add your website in order to get access to Pinterest analytics.

See my post on

– I had trouble with this and my post goes into the workaround using HTML to verify it. As using the metadata did not work on my WordPress theme.







Setting up rich pins

You also need to make sure that rich pins have been enabled – if they have you should see this information after your pins –

Setting up your boards- each should have at least 10 pins

Next you need to decide on which boards you are going to create

– have a look at my post on the three most important boards

– if you plan to monetize pinterest and your blog.

  1. Best of board
  2. Resources
  3. Gifts for …

Other boards you should have will depend on your website categories I suggest that you should have a board for each category.

Name each board with the same name of the category on your website and its best to be specific about your board name – don’t go general. Pinterest likes it to be specific.

Each board should have a minimum of at least 10 pins on it before you look at adding group boards.

Boardbooster can help you set up your boards using:

Set up Pin sourcing campaign – now set up which board you want to pin too – you can only set up one board as a target at a time. Add URL’s of boards you want to pull from this can be more than one.

  • specify how many pins – you can schedule as many pins per day as you want.
  • Direct Repin Rates- configure your Board to skip pins with fewer repin rates
  • Other options- skip video pins, animated GIFs, ecommerce websites and allow for only Tall pins.


Adding group boards

In addition to your own boards in order to gain more exposure to Pinterest and the Smart feed – this is the Pins that pinterest will show to each user. You need to join group boards.

So how do you find group boards – if you use board booster it has a nifty report called top group boards.

If you look at each category it will list the top boards in each along with the repin rate- which is the number of times a pin gets saved by a user of pinterest. You want your pin to be repins lots so that Pinterest sees its good quality and shows it more the smart feed to users. ( this isn’t the only measure of quality)

Ok so you are looking at Board booster top boards how do you know which group boards are good

  • < 100 collaborators is good not too many pins to be monitored
  • Strict number and quality of pin to be pinned to the boards
  • Number of repins on the board
  • Don’t use followers as a guide too much
  • Apply to as many as you can not all will accept you

It’s also a good idea to look at other top bloggers you follow on Pinterest and look at their group boards and join them as well as long as they still fit the criteria above.

  • Pingroupie – needing more group boards to join have a look at pingroupie.
  • Other Boards You Follow- have a look at group boards that other people you follow have joined. Join them.
  • Group board rules– some group boards want you to pin from them for every pin you add – you can also schedule this using a random campaign.

If you need to share group board content then you can use Board booster for this too.

Set up a random campaign to pull pins from the group boards you need to share from and set up the number you need to pull then Board booster will pull those number randomly from that board and add it to your chosen board on Pinterest.


Board booster schedules pins either randomly scheduled or sourcing. Board booster will create a secret board on Pinterest for any scheduled campaigns which is a bit of a pain as you end up with more boards.

I add an asterick symbol to my board for scheduled campaigns and I suggest you add something like this to ensure a campaign board is identifiable as you don’t want to be adding pins to this unless they are to be part of your schedule.

Once the board is up and running you can desecret it if you want as well and rename it.

Scheduled campaigns – source pins from a secret board to pin to boards of your choosing which can be group boards and your own boards. You can choose the time frame for the schedule say you want to pin your pins over a month you can set it up so it pins on day 1, 7, 14, 21 and 28 for instance or you can do day 1,2,3,4 etc its up to you. You also get the option of adding which every group board you want. The source always stays the same – the secret board.


Adding pins to your boards – manually or using Board booster

So you can add pins either manually to your boards or using Board booster scheduler either randomly or scheduled.

It still good to add pins manually as well to Pinterest to make sure you are adding good quality pins to your group boards if you add them to a random campaign this will spread them out over the day rather than all at once.

Set up random campaigns to your boards with over 50 pins instead of having to set up a scheduler.

Random campaigns as it says will pull pins from your source boards to other boards – either your own or group boards randomly throughout the day.


Looping your boards

If you have boards that have lots of pins on them and the old pins gets left at the bottom of the board you can reinvigorate the board by using the looping function it will take pins from the bottom of the board and add them to the top of the board so they will be seen again.


Board booster Stats

Board performance under Reports gives you an indication of how all your boards are doing including group boards.

On the brief information you can look at how much re-pins pins are getting on each of your boards and group boards. This gives you an idea of the best performing boards where you need to be pinning to have the best chance to have your pins re-pinned!

Best times to pin

Shows you when you should be pinning looking at mine it seems to be 8am 9am and 10pm this will be GMT.

Again looking at my stats comparing the weekends its similar times.

Pinterest Follower Growth

This shows you follower growth for your account- this is not as important as it use to be.

Pinterest is more about quality pins and quality boards that follower numbers.

This is mine since I started using Board booster.




You can try Board booster for free try by clicking HERE.

Because it’s free you can try it out see if you like it.

I use both TAILWIND AND BOARD BOOSTER for different things so I recommend them for different reasons.

I love the fact that Board booster is so hands off once its set you can forget about it more or less you still need to make sure each secret board has enough pins to continue pinning.

Wanting to grab a Board booster checklist then sign up here:


Board booster beginners tutorial to explode your blog traffic




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