Soap Making Resources: For beginners

Fabulous List of Soap Making Resources: For beginners

Ever wondered if you could make Natural Soap or Melt and Pour soaps at Home?

Don’t know what I am talking about?

Manufactured soap is highly processed and does not necessarily contain natural ingredients.

It is very easy to make wonderful homemade lovely scented soap using essential oils which is great if you have any skin conditions.

There are different types of soap you can make at home:

  • Cold processed soap – this basically involves heating and combine oils with a lye solution ( acidic solution ) to undertake the chemical process called saponification.
  • Melt and pour soap – involve melting premade glycerin soap base and adding perfume and colourants to it to create your own soap this is much easier than making cold processed soap and if you’re starting out it would be a good beginning- this is how I started out both processes can get quite addictive so BEWARE you could end up with a years supply of soap to use!

These are some of my own cold processed soap – using natural colourants and essential oils for scents.

(If this post contains affiliate links please see our full disclosure policy although I have to say I tried really hard to make it interesting and even I struggled to write it so if you really must read it you can find it here)

I have been making my own Cold processed soap for over ten years now and I tend to make soap a couple of times a year which lasts my mother and myself ( she loves my soaps) for the year.

I give tonnes away as presents and I am always asked if I can make more for friends.

Homemade soap also makes great presents for people so if you want a personalised gift its great to make with their favourite colours and scents.

It’s also nice to buy cold processed soap from folks making it as a business to try out different kinds of scents and colour combos and see what other people are making.

Here are some Buying cold processed soap recommendations:

From GlowBodyandSoul this is the most amazing soap it has all natural ingredients in it and just looks beautiful!

It also gives you great inspiration if you want to make something similar.

GlowBodyandSoul in Oregon, United States

If you don’t mind synthetic fragrances and colours then it is another gorgeous option from Raintree botanicals.

raintreebotanticals soao
RainTreeBotanicals in Washington, United States


If you are wanting to go with something completely natural then Treefort Naturals is where you want to try.


TreefortNaturals in Connecticut, United States
TreefortNaturals in Connecticut, United States


and Last but not least if you want not just soaps Falls River Soap Company have been around for a while and do fantastic products including handmade natural soaps.

Homemade Soap - Goat Milk Soap with Essential Oils
Falls River Soap Company


Educational Resources for Handmade Soap Making

If you are looking for ebooks and books and want to try out a freebie course have a look at thenerdyfarmwife she has a lovely FREE mini email course on staring soap making for absolute beginners – try it out it won’t cost you a penny.


The nerdyfarmwife also has ebooks and course which would be great for beginners as well.


There are some fantastic cold processed soap makers out there take a look at this one from SoapQueen aka Anne-Marie

Anne-Marie has made a business out of soap making and her tutorials are fantastic.

I discovered her a few years into my soap making experiments.

She has some great tutorials on more advanced tips for soap making for creating decoration.


A post shared by Bramble Berry (@brambleberry) on

I also recommend you check out her Youtube channel Soapqueen tv there are tonnes of videos on soap making.

My only caveat with Soap queen is she also uses synthetic colours and synthetic scents which I do not use when I make soap.

If you want a truly natural product then you need to use essential oils and natural colourants.

Although this is a link to her shop Eden secret makes the most wonderful soap!

Eden secrets you tube video– this is a link to her video showing you her drying racks and all her different soaps.

The soaps are amazing and some look like cakes!

Ok, should have mentioned this when you make cold processed soap you have to leave it to cure for at least 4 to 6 weeks before you can use it.

Basically, most of the saponification reaction happens in the first 24 hours after you make the soap but you have to still wait till all traces of saponification happen otherwise the soap can be too acidic to use on your skin.

Once its cured it should not be acidic and more a neutral pH – you can use ph strips to test it.

Don’t tell anyone but I lick the soap and if it tingles on the tongue it’s still too acidic – yes it does work I don’t recommend you do this unless you know exactly what you are doing!

I have been doing this for over 10 years and know if my recipe has worked.

If you would love to make soap for a living then the US is the easiest place to do it because it is not really worth it in the Uk as soap here is classed as a toiletry and has to be regulated whereas in the US its classed as a laundry detergent and does not have to be so regulated.

Do correct me if that’s changed!

If you live in Australia – ( when I lived in Cairns I use to buy Patti’s soap at the market and my suitcase when I came home was practically full of soap if it wasn’t too expensive to import I would buy it! Not sure what the duty would be bringing it into the UK)

I highly recommend her soap its all natural and she uses natural colours.

Pattiflynn soaps

Pattiflynn handmade soaps

Soap Making Supplies

In the USA

Soap queen also has a website at brambleberry where you can purchase supplies.

In the UK

If you are in the UK then this is where I get my oils and sodium hydroxide for making cold processed soap.

They have always been competitive with their prices and their products have been excellent.

For essential oils in the uk, I highly recommend Amphora-aromatics

Amphora essential oils have a fantastic range of essential oils at a great price and if you can apply for their wholesale account you will save money as long as each order is more than £50.

The essential oils are top quality and you can get bulk sizes as well.

For unusual products and educational content for making natural skincare as well as soap making resources then I recommend

They also do courses as well mostly in making your own skincare.

Did I tell you I make my own skincare products as well?

It can be very easy to do as well especially if you use just carrier oils as the base for whatever you are making and then add essential oils.

Essential oil resources

If you want to find out more about using essential oils then this is THE BEST book around!

It has everything you could possibly need from recipes to explanations of why each oil is used- I can not recommend it highly enough it’s my go-to resources when it comes to using essential oils.

If its the one book you buy on aromatherapy then it has to be this one.



I highly recommend making your own soap it doesn’t take too long once you get the hang off it and it can be HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!

Beware you could end up with so much soap you are giving it away!!

It’s so much nicer on your skin than manufactured soap.


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