7 Extremely Useful Plugins for your WordPress Blog



So you have your wordpress blog up and running one more thing to do is to add some plugins- but wait they can slow your site down!

So which ones should you use and why?

Do you even know what a plugin is?

Today I will go through what a plugin is and why you need them on your site.

And most importantly which ones should you use?



(If this post contains affiliate links please see our full disclosure policy although I have to say I tried really hard to make it interesting and even I struggled to write it so if you really must read it you can find it here)

I was Totally Confused about which plugins to use

So I set up my wordpress blog and lots of sites on starting a wordpres blog suggested adding plugins.

Ok so stop right there Plugins what the heck is that I thought!

STILL WITH ME – don’t worry we will work through this together it’s not as scare as it seems.

The list on wordpress is endless which ones do you choose?

What is a plug in – I will use WP for beginners definition it is straightforward and works for me:

A plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. They can extend functionality or add new features to your WordPress websites”

If you want to delve deeper here is the link to the website

Basically a Plugin adds more functions to your standard WordPress blog.

For each Plugin I have listed below there are other options but these are the ones I use and so far I have had no problems installing and using them.

Ultimately you don’t need that many – too many and your site will ground to a halt.

This is what I have installed on my wordpress site:

  • Security plugin- this is a must to make sure your site is extra secure from spam and attacks.
  • Pretty links plugin- this is a fabulous add on it makes all your links lovely
  • Google analytics plugin- you have to have this it makes getting google analytics up and running so much easier!
  • Broken link checker- this will check you site to make sure any of your links are still active
  • Yoast SEO- this will help you with SEO for your posts and pages
  • Wp Smush- this reduces the size of images on your blog so that it runs quickly
  • Simple shares button – this does what is says on the tin adds social media shares buttons to your pages and posts!

Security Plugin

I have two different plugins active on my site

Askimet Antispam plugin protects your site from spam comments

Click Here

  1. Sucuri plugin will protect my wordpress site from malware, spam and other infections- luckily I haven’t had it tested so far!

Click Here

Pretty Links Plugin

This is what it says on the tin basically it changes big long links to nice short simply worded links for instance instead of the big long affiliate link for pretty links it shorts it to Pretty Links

Google Analytics Plugin

Well what can I say about this Plugin – IT IS FANTASTIC!!

I was nearly crying trying to install google analytics I spent all day googling how to install analytics before giving up and deciding that nope I wasn’t going there!

At this point I decided to have a look at Pat Flynn’s Build your own Brand course Click Here

Broken Link checker Plugin

It does what it says on the tin basically checks your website for any broken links.

Broken Link Checker

Yoast SEO Plugin

This is a simple plugin which can track your SEO for your posts and pages.

Click Here

I don’t claim to know much about SEO but this plugin alerts you when you need to improve it for your posts and traffic lights when you are doing the right thing.

Wp Smush

It compresses and optimises your images so that they don’t slow down your website.

Smush Image Compression and Optimisation

Simple Shares button Plugin

Allows you to add social Media share buttons to your pages and posts.



Hopefully you have a better understanding of what a plugin is, what it does and how it can help you!

Of course the ones I have chosen to use may not be your first choice and I urge you now you have an idea of the types of ones you need to review the top plugins for your site.

My advice is don’t go mad and install lots just stick with the main ones I have outlined above and see how you go.

More is not necessarily better it can slow your site down!



Which ones did you use and why?


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