9 Knitted Animal Patterns for Fabulous handmade gifts

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9 Knitted Animal Patterns for Fabulous Handmade Gifts

Do you fancy having a go at some knitted animal patterns?

The selection below would be wonderful as gifts for all ages.

There are lots of options from toys to pencil cases to draught excluders it up to you to experiment with colour and yarn size to get the look you want from these patterns.

Whats stopping you from making up a gift TODAY!

(If this post contains affiliate links please see our full disclosure policy although I have to say I tried really hard to make it interesting and even I struggled to write it so if you really must read it you can find it here)

animal knitting pattern


Each pattern will have a different needle and yarn sizes so if you don’t have the right colours or needles then I suggest Deramore they are available in the USA and internationally so don’t worry if there is something on there that you love you can still order it!

I use Deramore in the UK for supplies and if you buy Simply Crochet or Inside Crochet you will find a 10% off coupon to use to online at DERAMORE. 

  • Stylecraft yarn – is great if you want a cost-effective alternative to wool in some fabulous shades. And if you want great value cotton again Stylecraft comes in at a very good price.
  • Rico Design yarn in cotton is another one I use a lot you can find it in Deramores range too so if you want to try it out today check out the website to see what yarn you fancy today and don’t forget to use the 10% coupon from Simply crochet magazines.

1.Shark Pencil Case Knitted animal pattern

Presenting Dale the shark from Letsknit FREE pattern download.

This is such a cute design.

It’s a shark and a pencil case how cool is that!

Looking for a free pattern to make a great gift idea then click on the link HERE


Free shark knitted pencil case

2. Bella and Basil Budge Valentine Gift knitted animal pattern

Looking for an unusual present for Valentine’s day?

How about this wonderful pair?

Bella and Basil Budgies the perfect partners.

Perfect knitted pattern for a valentines gift

If you fancy trying this pattern then check out the link HERE

3. Knitting pattern for Superhero Animals by Rebecca Danger

This is a fabulous book for beginner to the expert knitter to knit these lovely animals disguised as superheroes.

Any one of these would make a wonderful gift for friends or family.

If you want purchase the patterns you can find it by clicking the link below on Amazon along with reviews about the book.








4. Free Superhero Teddy knitting pattern by Louise Crowthers

How about a cute superhero teddy from Simply Knitting magazine.

This is a free pattern for this sooo cute teddy so if you don’t fancy buying the book above then have a shot at this pattern.

You have to read it along the page rather than up and down. To get the full pattern.

He is FREE to use so check him out HERE.



5. Buttercup and Daisy knitted cow patterns from Frankie Brown

Oh so cute farmyard cows which would suit any homesteading country kiddies!

They have a little daisy and buttercup on their hind quarters ahh so nice.

You can also make a donation if you like the pattern to childrens liver foundation.

If you fancy trying your hand at this free pattern check it out HERE


6. Fennel the knitted highland cow pattern

How about this pattern it is amazing its knitted then felted and comes with a complete kit.

This would be a perfect gift for a crafter or knitter and someone who loves Scottishness!

It’s gorgeous isn’t it!

He would make a wonderful present for any knitter or crafter and if you feel he might be for you then click HERE to check him out!

highland cow kit


7. Noah’s Ark – Elephants knitting patterns

If you are looking for tonnes of Elephant patterns for FREE then check this link HERE .

It has some seriously cool pattern.

This one is my favourite!

These should give you instant inspiration to make a fabulous gift.

8. Vintage Kandy Kangaro and baby Joey

Absolutely adorable this pattern for Kandy the Kangaroo and little Joey. Who wouldn’t love it as a present!

If you want to give Kandy a go you can find her HERE.

kandy kangaroo knitting pattern


9. Fergus Sausage Dog Draught Excluder

How about a Sausage dog that’s a draught excluder perfect for friends or family will need something for the winter months?

Perfect Christmas Gift perhaps.

You will need to be an experience knitter for this one with the Fair isle pattern.

Just wish I could do Fair isle!

If you feel up to the challenge check out this pattern HERE its FREE!

That’s my top picks of patterns for you to choose from.

Hopefully, you have something to choose from.

It’s time to pick up those needles and get making especially if you need to make up something for a present or for Christmas – Yes I know its only summer but you it does come quick!


animal knitting pattern

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