9 Crochet Flower and Cactus Patterns you can try today

9 Crochet Flower and Cactus Patterns you can try today

Are you looking for Crochet Flower and Cactus Patterns to try today?

I have 9 examples of Crochet Flower and Cactus Patterns from beginners to experienced crocheters that you can try.

If you want a lovely free pattern to grab my freebie – from my free patterns collection.

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Crochet is a lovely way to relax and what could be better than making lCrochet Flower and Cactus Patterns.

I love that you can do such intricate designs and create a flower out of one ball of cotton and a hook.

(If this post contains affiliate links please see our full disclosure policy although I have to say I tried really hard to make it interesting and even I struggled to write it so if you really must read it you can find it here)

Please remember that if you are using UK vs US patterns there are differences and you can check that out HERE

Crochet Flower and Cactus Patterns

If you are looking for a couple of great books on how to crochet all sorts of flowers these two are the best ones I have found and love to use as a resource. Click the images below for more information.

So I am rounding up some amazing crochet flower patterns that I have found for YOU.

Some are advanced and some you have to pay for but WOW they are fantastic.

So lets check them out!


I can’t believe they are really crocheted they look so lifelike!

I just had to include these!

I love lilies and at least these would not get complaints from the other half because of the scent- he hates the smell of lilies!

The great thing is at least you don’t need to water them either when you go on holiday.

If you want to browse some more patterns then visit her Etsy shop PippaPatternsCrochet


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Has some very simple easy to follow patterns for flowers in her Etsy shop.

Look at what she has.managed to do on her Instagram page with the flowers they look amazing!

Easily a pattern for beginners to master.

The options are endless when you look at what can be achieved.

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YYC Kits

This Australian designer Robyn uses a simple flower block to make this wonderful cushion.

You can buy the kit for it HERE

YYC Kit – Lily Cushion

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Lyubava Crochet

Has tricker flower patterns available in her shop look at this one its very similar to the one I used to crochet a flower for my phone case which I have added as the pin background.

Its gorgeous makes a great brooch or in my case phone sock.

You can purchase the pattern by clicking the link HERE 


Showcases Junes crochet patterns in particular her plant collection is amazing!

If you want your own instant well by the time you crochet it not sure if it would be instant- garden with no need to water then check out Junes creations they are amazing.

HERE is a link if you want to buy her pattern.

This pattern is for four different types of succulent plants- looking at it – not a beginners project.




Are amazing cactus miniatures that you can crochet the detail is superb.

You need to have great eyesight I reckon to craft these wee devils!

They all look fantastic and if you are wanting a pattern then check them out HERE.




Kuuyu Designs

Have this pattern for amazing GERBERA GARDEN BLANKET and it’s NOT difficult how cool is it- want to do this next.

If you want a big project but with easy flowers for a BEGINNER then this is it!

You could even make it for a present for a new baby how cute would that be in the pram or crib.


Gerbera crochet pattern blanket







Has a round up of 5 easy flowers you can make for beginners so if you aren’t feeling confident give this one a go!

Easy Crochet Flower Appliques Free Patterns for Beginners

9. ATTIC24


Lucy is one of my favourite crochet bloggers some of her stuff is amazing and you can buy her patterns as complete kits.

She has beginner to advanced patterns and if look at her scarf here- I adapted it for the flower blanket that I made.

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A post shared by Lucy Attic24 (@attic24) on

I hope you enjoyed this tour of some of my Crochet Flower and Cactus Patterns.

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crochet and cactus patterns

I also have a special treat as well if you would like a free pattern for my mobile phone case then have a look at my freebie below.

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